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Genesis Sub 2 Club Membership


GS2 Club Membership is $40. Genesis Sub 2 is starting up a local and national running club this summer! We will be developing speed, speed endurance, and endurance! Ages 7 up to 85 years old are welcome! The training is good for all sports and for people just trying to get in or stay in shape! I have worked with children under ten who are nationally ranked, high school athletes who have competed in regional and state championships, soccer, football, and basketball players, as well as law enforcement and military personnel. I also work with those who have no athletic background and just want to improve their overall health.  As part of this program, you will have access to a private Genesis Sub 2 Facebook page which posts workouts and will allow you to interact with other Genesis Sub 2 members.  Allow Genesis Sub 2 Club Membership to take your fitness  to a new level!

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